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Day 0: Cracking the Code

Understand why you don't need to be in the big leagues to leverage category design.

Day 1: Category Design Basics

Unlock your brand’s “big aha” and carve out your unique selling proposition.

Day 2: Pitfalls to Dodge

Learn what mistakes to avoid in category design for maximum impact.

Day 3: Quick Wins

Craft your narrative and establish your category's ecosystem for quick wins.

Day 4: Low-Budget Validation

Validate your category with minimal budget through guerrilla research methods and MVPs.

Day 5: Sustaining Your  Leadership

Implement long-term strategies to maintain leadership in your category.

Why This Course is a Must-Attend:


Expert insights that are hard to come by—packaged in an easy-to-digest 5-day course.

Immediate Value

Actionable steps to differentiate your brand and dominate your category.

Scalable Learning

From bootstrapped startups to established brands, the strategies apply universally.

A game-changing course! I now control the narrative of my category


Startup Founder

Implemented the strategies and already seeing results. Highly recommended!


Brand Manager

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